My goal?

To provide real couples with beautiful photos that will always be a reminder of what's important to them.

You won’t find talk about sparkles, dance parties, or tall glasses of bubbly around here. But you will find a girl with a laid-back, approachable style that loves what she gets to do, alongside clients turned friends.

I’ve successfully worked as a hairstylist, makeup artist, and a graphic designer, but my truest creative love is photography. All of those experiences, plus my education as a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a concentration in Photography, play into how I shoot and edit. I know lighting, color, skin tone, and how it all works together.

I’m not huge into posing and more drawn to the down-to-earth type of couple that knows who they are. You’re not afraid of the raw, candid, and joyful moments that often get missed.

As a bride once myself, I’ve been in your shoes! I can think like a bride can think and I know the importance of listening to what’s most important to you.

When I’m not behind the camera or my computer screen editing, I’m more likely to be found at the gym, later balanced by a chocolate chip cookie ... or two. I love a strong cup of coffee and the very occasional margarita. I love my husband, our fur babe, and our quiet home away from the hustle.

I take my work seriously and my clients mean so much to me. I soak up every minute of being a part of your big day and work hard to get everywhere I need to be. As awesome as your bridal party is, I’m not the one you’ll find tossing back a few drinks with everyone because I’m more focused on ensuring you get to remember every special moment in vivid detail.

You won’t really notice me being there at all actually, and I think that’s a good thing. The day is entirely about you and your soon-to-be husband / wife. The two of you should be the focus and it’s my job to make sure that happens!

All that to say, I’d love to get to know you and learn more about your big day. Browse my services and get in touch at the links below!


To me, there’s nothing better than getting outside in some warm weather and sunshine. Whether I’m at the beach or somewhere far more wooded, it’s a time of year I feel happiest and most free.


favorite season

There aren't many places I’d say no to going to, but one place that's at the top of my list is Hawaii. I'm in love with the beautiful weather, tropical rain forest, jungle life, farm life, and of course, the beaches. It seems to have it all! So I mean, if you’re looking at getting married there, I’m all for it!


travel bucket list

I think there’s a lot of words that could describe my photography style, but if I had to pick just three, it would be these. I love bringing out the richer tones and shadows that feel both alluring and genuine. 


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